Huh ….

Last week I was in a class and the instructor says ” So, do you all read the instructions?”  So pointed at me who admittedly doesn’t let’s just say BUSTED!

The next day I was telling the story to my mama and she too told me that I have never read the directions and why would I start now?  WHAT, you should be on my side but nooooo lost that one too.

Got me thinking about people and why they don’t read web pages they only scan the pages.  A little research tells us that it is all because:

1.)  the web is a user driven medium where everyone is in a hurry to move on

2.) we are all just trying to make it through our day

3.) we are lazy and don’t want to have to hunt for information

4.) the user has no idea if they are on the right page or not

Stats show that only 28% of the words on the first page of a web site are read;  this means that we better get our act together and write more compelling information.

Where are you?


PS – M Sinkula I hate when you are on target!



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