Why you need me as your Website Designer

Colored Pencils

Web design is a profession. You can DIY, but if you want professional work, you need a professional.

Most of the time not all out of the box site builders work out of the box. Many that I have worked through always need fine tuning, extra HTML, maybe some re-sizing of images but the question becomes “who do you ask for help” and “is it worth the time invested to really take on the challenge”.

It has taken me more than a couple of iterations through setting up and configuring WordPress, years to feel comfortable troubleshooting, reading, researching trial and error before I could really say that I knew what I was doing.

Everyday I get some kind of message from a friend or collegue asking for help with their site and everytime I tell them that “it will take me longer to fix what you have done so let’s just start from the beginning”.

Enough said, just hire me!


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