3 Days and Counting




Thursday night November 19, 2015 about this time I will be headed to the Seattle Airport for what I know is going to be a heart wrenching but very rewarding week.

I am off to Haiti at the urging of good friends in Nashville who have traveled there for years working to make the lives of orphan children a little better.

January 10, 2012 the devestation in Haiti a small island just 2 hours from Miami was tossed and turned upside down by an earthquake.  230,000 Haitans were killed that day and an already fragile country to this day is trying to put itself back together.

If you know me, you know that I have traveled the world and been to places that are not socially acceptable in some circles.  This time it feels different my nerves are a little jittery and I’m wonding if I am prepared for what “poverty” really looks like.

Stay Tuned, more to come in the next 10 days.








2 Replies to “3 Days and Counting”

  1. LOVE this post! Can’t wait to see how your trip turns out. I have a personal travel blog, and since you are a fellow traveler, I think you might love it. Check me out, and maybe give me a follow! But keep up with the posts. I think the trip will be truly insightful from every aspect. Best of luck!


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