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Port Au Prince Streets

Neply River
Neply River



For all of you who can’t stand slow internet you have not lived a week in Haiti.

Here we go in a nutshell ..

Day #1 – riot police running the street in Port Au Prince shooting to break up protestors who didn’t like the election results.

Day #2 – only goal is to love on the kids, play games, feed babies and wonder how they all will make it.   Met Cami who is so smart and in a wheel chair but we managed to paint and laugh at each other.

Day #3 – left to wonder if a man in the village would get his Gangreen surgery taken care of because he didn’t have the money and you have to pay in full prior to even seeing a doctor.  Thankfully there was a doctor on our team who had the knowledge and money to take care of his dire situation.

Day #4 – They have the coolest roof garden where the kids are learning about plants, how they grow what is needed to make them healthy and the old “how come there are bugs”.   My solution was what my mother has always said “bugs don’t like the taste of dish soap”  we washed each leaf and guess what by the end of the week no more bugs!  Victory.

Day #5– Thank you Tiffany, Mike, Feruza and Walgens for getting me out of painting and realizing that I needed really really strong Haitian coffee.  So far in my travels the only place that may beat it is Greece.

Day #6– Full on Thanksgiving Dinner with all the volunteers and staff that work at My Life Speaks.  Turkey, stuffing, potatoes not sure how they pulled that one off but it was awesome.

Day #7- Feeling pretty good about walking the community alone these days so took a quick walk to the beach and back then off to the Marriott Hotel in Port Au Prince.

Little shock walking into the Marriott when you have not had a hot shower, toilet, food or wine for the week.  Spoiled I am but being with good friends made it even better.

Day #8 –  Picked up by Junior my forever Body Guard and the one who will show me his country next time.  Off to Miami and then home to Seattle.

Emotional, full of love, funny, laughter can all explain what I have been through.

Next Trip — Beach in Hawaii

Haiti and the Jesus Bus
Haiti and the Jesus Bus





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