And in the Spotlight …


As a wayward Catholic girl who went to school with the nuns and was in the church pew every Sunday, the movie Spotlight was another eye opening story about the greediness and “we rule the world” attitude of the church

Years ago I visited Rome the Vatican and St Peters – something that should have been very beautiful and insightful turned sour right away for me and this movie doesn’t help my feelings any.

Do you remember the stories about the parish priests who preyed on boys within the Boston diocese?

Well the movie puts the reporters who researched and discovered the scope of the issues right in the forefront again.  Did you know that there were upwards of 99 boys who went through “hell” or that Cardinal Law knew all the time and just moved these parish priests all around so that they could continue to preach and prey.

I think it really hit me when I saw Billings MT on the list which isn’t far from where I grew up.  How many more are there?   What is being done about it?

It’s a great movie from the start one that is still making me think that I was correct in leaving such a self centered faith.







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