Flow of the Mekong

If you are a true adventurer you will never ever give up a chance to meet new people, engage in great conversation and flow right along with the Mekong.











Our day started with a quick border crossing at Chiang Khong where we met Mr.Wong our tour guide for the next two days.  Introductions, always an awkward moment led us to new friends from Australia, Cambodia, Turkey, and Germany.  17 people who were about to laugh and tell stories of their true adventures.

mekong boat launch.png


Boat Launch – Chieng Khong, Laos


So, we were off and on our way to get papers signed to make us legal.  Good food, fun, new friends and our first stop was the small village where I felt like we were walking into a National Geographic photography scene.

Yes, we were the spectacle and just like any other time it makes me think that these kids are so happy just being without a computer, tv or phone.  Generations of families live in the same village and take care of each other year after year and they are so grateful for what they have.







The breeze is warm and people are snoozing, reading and talking as the water hits the side of our boat.  It’s quiet and mesmerizing and I could easily just stay here with the simplicity and the happiness it brings.

Stop #2 of the afternoon – Pak Ou Cave that has been converted to a large temple with hundreds of buddhist statues some gold, some with color and some with the largest cob webs I have ever seen.    Did you know there are different statues for different days of the week – who knew?  Learn More


Pak Ou Cave – Mekong River, Laos


And we are off for another hour or so before we are dropped off in the small town of Pakbeng for the night.  Yes, there are the typical guesthouses and small hotels or hostels but if you want to do this one night right the Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge is for you.  Such a great treat after almost a week of travel just wish we had one more night.

A good in room massage, dinner, and wine.   I’m out!

Off to Luang Prabang tomorrow.


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