Just getting caught up ….

From our recent trip to Chang Rai, Thailand.



Chang Rai is the northernmost province in Thailand and has almost anything you could ever ask for.   I for one was expecting a slower pace, walking village and a bit like Chang Mai yes but no.

dsc_0193Don’t miss the Wat Rong Khum, you might know this one as the “White Wat”  it was constructed in 1977 by a Thai painter turned architect and if you look at it from a distance the temple appears to be made of glistening porcelain but it’s actually whitewashed with clear mirror chips.

dsc_0220Where there is a Wat there are monks and every time I see them I laugh thinking that they should be so removed from everything but they have cell phones are on facebook and are in the digital world just like us.


Next up our Mekong River Float on a Slow Boat.


Bowwowza !

Turbo Charged Presidential Dogs.

dog 2

Did you know that some of the most super charged dogs have roamed the grounds and the hallways of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Some of our president’s dogs were involved in the everyday typical shenanigans that were minor in nature. Other transgressions, however, were more serious and had an impact and received international attention.

  • Charlie, a Welsh Terrier owned by JFK, was known for sneaking up on the White House gardeners and nipping at their backsides and then go racing     across the lawn as if to say “ha ha”.
  • Peter Pan, Calvin Coolidge’s Wire Fox Terrier, leapt at a visiting woman’s skirt, catching the material in his teeth, at which time the skirt “appeared to disintegrate”, leaving the women very embarrassed.
  • Pete, FDR’s Bull Terrier, nipped at a naval officer, snapped at Cabinet members, and chased the French ambassador down the hall of the White House, eventually catching him and tearing the bottom of his pants.

Pets, they are our family members, our most loyal friends but sometimes they just lose a brain cell and we think “WHAT!”.


Dexter and I were out in the park this morning just doing our regular tennis ball routine and someone walked up to me to tell me quite curtly “your dog isn’t on a leash” which is correct but…. it’s just Dexter.

That is not a question that plagues dogs’ minds.  Ask anyone of them and they will say “Arf” like “is that even a question?”  No question about it, most dogs would give their canine teeth to be able to frolic about without a leash.

2015-02-15 11.52.55So what are the Seattle area rules?

  1. Dogs have to be on a leash in most places.  Cats do not.. WHAT?
  2. Well trained dogs who carry their own leashes comply with the law … OK?
  3. Metro Buses allow most dogs at no charge …. maybe it makes the drivers less grumpy?
  4. Most people know they have to pick up dodo, interestedly “service dogs”owners are exempt.
  5. Strict liability means that dog owners are almost always are on the hook for your dog’s acts — even when irresponsible people are injured … Par for the course these days.

Back to Dexter and our hours at the park.  I was quite happy with the second law about carrying their own leash smart move but not quite sure of the “service dogs” dodo law.

As they say, a well behaved dog is the best dog.